Pregnant Woman Gives Birth Inside Her Trousers After Suddenly Going Into Labour While Walking Into A Hospital Lobby

A pregnant woman in China gave birth so quickly her baby was already in her trousers when she pulled them down. Ms Yang, who was 38 weeks pregnant, suddenly went into labour as she was walking in the lobby of a hospital. Footage has emerged showing about seven onlookers, including on-duty nurse and doctor, rushing towards 32-year-old Ms Yang after seeing her pulling down her trousers.



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The incident happened on the morning of January 9 when Zhu Jili, a nurse, was on her way to work at the Changsha Central Hospital in Hunan Province. ‘I heard a woman shouting in the lobby and blood was dripping from her trousers, so I went to offer help,’ Ms Zhu told Law and Legal Channel. CCTV footage shows the 38-week pregnant Ms Yang taking off her trousers and struggling to stand still. It’s said Ms Yang had given birth once before and this is her second baby.

Pregnant woman gives birth inside her TROUSERS after suddenly going into labour while walking into a hospital lobby


Her husband rushed to help while carrying a big bag. Rao Lijuan, a passing gynaecologist called for other medical staff to help. Together, the doctors put Ms Yang onto a stretcher. The newborn girl reportedly showed symptoms of cyanosis and her lips had turned purple, a sign of lack of oxygen, when the doctors took her over.

Pregnant woman gives birth inside her TROUSERS after suddenly going into labour


She was sent to neonatology for treatment and observation. Ms Yang said she had a smooth labour for her first child. Doctor Tan Jianfu, a gynaecologist from Changsha Central Hospital, said pregnant women who had previously given birth would usually experience a shorter delivery due to the flexibility of the vaginal wall.



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