Cat Shuns Help From Rescuers And Runs Up Wall Of 40ft Deep Well To Escape

This is the moment that a cat makes its own bid for freedom, without the help of rescuers. The tiny feline is hovering precariously on a small ledge within the 40 foot deep well, and seems stuck. A group of well wishers lower a cane basket to try and lift the stranded cat out of the deep well in the Vayanad district of Kerala, India.



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However, the helpful group are horrified when the cat slips and plunges down into the well, forcing the cat into the water. The poor creature recovers quickly and swims straight to the wall of the well and the basket is dropped to water level to let the feline jump in. But the animal is determined to make its own escape, and ignores their offer.

Cat shuns help from rescuers and runs up wall of 40ft deep well to escape


It scrambles up the side of the well, digging its claws in and forcing itself to the top of the wall. The kindhearted team cheered and encouraged the adorable cat as it made its dash for freedom.

Cat shuns help from rescuers and runs up wall of 40ft deep


Once the animal reached the top, it jumped straight over the ledge, and its would be rescuers laughed as they realised their efforts were unnecessary.



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