Shocking Moment Man Slaps Muslim Woman For Not Wearing A Hijab

This is the moment an irate man slapped a Muslim woman in Malaysia when she told him it was her ‘right’ not to wear the hijab. Footage shows the attacker berating a number of women sitting at a bus stop in the state of Penang, north west Malaysia and asking one about her faith and why she was not wearing a headscarf. But when she explained that the hijab ‘is our right’ and a personal choice, he lashed out with the back of his hand, striking her across the face.



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The video has sparked fury online in Malaysia and has been viewed more than 700,000 times. The man, who wears a jumper and a pair of jogging bottoms, had approached a group of women sitting at the bus stop. He asked the women, who were wearing stylish, fashionable clothing, what religion they followed. One of them told him she was a Muslim and he asked why she was not wearing a headscarf. Her response threw him into a rage and phone footage shows how he berated her as shocked onlookers watched on.

Shocking moment man slaps


He then slapped the unidentified woman, who can be seen wearing a black dress and jewellery. The woman, who appears to be using a mobile phone, then stands up as if to confront her attacker.

Shocking moment man slaps Muslim woman


More than 60 per cent of Malaysia’s population of over 30 million people are Muslim and social attitudes particularly outside cities can be conservative. Religious conservatism has also been rising in Malaysia in recent years, chipping away at a one-time reputation for moderation and tolerance.



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