Hilarious Moment Rookie Snowboarder Is Dragged Up Mountain By Lift

This is the hilarious moment a determined snowboarder is dragged up a mountain after refusing to let go of the ski lift. Alexander MacFarlane, 42 has already attempted to catch the lift up the mountain several times before being shown up by more experienced skiers. Showing resolve he attempts the lift again while being cheered on by his friends from a gym in North Lanarkshire, Scotland who admit they had all had a drink or two.



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The rookie snowboarder stumbled again but instead of letting go this time he clings on causing his legs to fly in the air while being hauled up the mountainside. Tony Galloway, 32 filmed the hilarious antics that took place at the Nevis Range near Fort William in Scotland which has now been viewed more than 600,000 times on social media. Tony said on his post, ‘Watch Zander get dragged up the hill on his back. What a day boys, no laughed so much since last year’s antics.’

Hilarious moment rookie


After initally falling Alexander stands up to try again and Tony said: ‘On you go mate, you’re away’, but he immediately ends up on his backside again. Amazingly, the offshore drill supervisor decides to hold on and Tony laughs as he watches him being dragged up the hill. He shouts: ‘Let go, let go.’

Hilarious moment rookie snowboarder is dragged up


The camera pans back round to catch another member of the group having a go and crashing to the floor. Tony adds: ‘Zander’s still holding on’, as he moves back round to capture him being sliding up the snowy incline. His hilarious laugh continues to the end of the video and he shouts: ‘Zander’s just getting dragged up the hill’, before adding: ‘That’s one way to do it.’



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