Flexible Woman Shows Off Her Very Unusual Treadmill Technique

Gym enthusiast walks along a treadmill on her hands with legs split in the air. She holds the position perfectly for several seconds before flipping off the edge. Amazingly she then flips into the splits twice at the end of her performance.





Maybe we’ve all been doing it wrong? This woman shows off us how its done using her incredible treadmill technique – which involves standing on her hands. The footage shows her walk onto the moving treadmill on her hands with her legs split in the air.

Flexible woman shows off her VERY unusual treadmill technique


Holding the position perfectly she effortlessly walks along the moving treadmill. Wearing a tight black top which shows off her gym-honed abs she then lets herself slide along the equipment and kicks off and amazingly lands in the splits.

Flexible woman shows off


As if this wasn’t enough to impress she then rolls over and lands in the splits again.



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