Pranksters Freak Out Strangers By Walking Up To Them In The Street And Staring At Them

A group of pranksters decided to stare at passersby in a bizarre social experiment. The funny clip, shot in Beirut, shows the reactions of the people approached which range from confusion to fear. One man looks panicked as he is surrounded by the group, and nervously walks off in a different direction before he realises he’s being pranked.



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Another victim of the group’s practical joke asked them: ‘What’s happening? Why are you looking at me?’ After his repeated questions, they tell him that they love him and they are playing a joke on him. A different man is unruffled by the jokers, and compliments one of the women saying,’Nice eyes’.

Pranksters freak out strangers by walking up to them in the street and staring at them


He went on to question them: ‘What’s the concept of the thing you’re doing?’ before asking them if the staring was part of a university project. Eventually they put him out of his misery by asking him if he knows where the cinema is, then they laugh and walk away. At one point the rascals are beaten at their own game, when they’re unable to keep a straight face at one man’s deadpan expression.

Pranksters freak out strangers by walking up to them in the street


HowAboutBeirut made the video with Jessica Kesserwany, Maya Acra and Tanya Saab. Duo Alex Stifler and Jad Khawandi, the faces of HowAboutBeirut, posted the hilarious clip, which has been watched 371,000 times on YouTube.



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