Terrifying Moment Polar Bear Lunges At Siberian Oil Worker After He And His Workmates Tossed Pies With Potato And Ketchup At The Animal

This is the shocking moment a polar bear closes in on a Siberian oil worker who is left fearing for his life after throwing a ketchup-laden snack at the beast. The man and his workmates in the icy Siberian outpost defied official warnings and threw food to the predator coaxing it to come closer. ‘I threw him my pies with potato and ketchup’, admitted one oilman on a video.



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Another revealed they had fed the beast on pancakes. ‘Shall we get down closer?’ asked one voice as the men watch the polar bear from their installation built on the snowy wastes of the Yamal peninsula. ‘Why not? I don’t think he’ll jump!’ One voice urges caution in the expletive-laden video: ‘This is a wild animal, don’t forget.’

Terrifying moment polar bear lunges at Siberian oil worker after he and his workmates tossed pies with potato and ketchup at the animal


The bear is seen gobbling the scraps that the men threw down and a senior worker at the platform in Sabetta then climbs down to get closer to the bear. ‘Where the **** are you going,’ they shout at the man wearing his hard hat. ‘Where are you going?! He’ll attack.’ The man is around 12ft from the beast which edges forwards then suddenly pounces towards him. ‘Go away’, the workers shout.

Terrifying moment polar bear lunges at Siberian oil worker


The bear hesitates rather than climb onto the platform. The man retreats to safety after his close encounter with the beast. The men discuss whether they should shoot the bear but do not. Oil workers at such remote facilities are under orders not to feed the bears because it encourages them to come closer posing a danger, and discourages them from hunting to feed themselves.



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