Attorney From Texas Has The Most Incredible and Weirdest Ad Ever

Here is your daily dose of WTF …

Texan attorney Bryan Wilson, or should I say “The Texas Law Hawk,” gives us an incredibly over-the-top and weird ad promoting his services. The video kicks off with him doing a kind of bike stunt while the flag of America and a Bald Eagle appears in the background. Along with random scenes, he then shouts and scream “TEXAS LAW HAWK.” For quite a few times.

The Texas Law Hawk

Then a plot twist happens and a scene involving drunk people, a cop with a porno ‘stache, a cardboard breath analyzing machine and a midget appears. The Texas Law Hawk then bursts out of the wall on his motor bike, screaming: “SOMEONE JUST CALLED ME!” There’s a lot screaming in this video, just a heads-up.

Texan Attorney Crazy Ad

Now what we don’t see is that all of this random screaming and strange scenes are actually a metaphor of how the justice system really works, and if not, then we just sat through the weirdest promo video ever.

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