Stuffed Tiger Toy Causes 45-Minute Stand Off With Police Officers In Scoland

Police in Scotland was called by a farmer who thought a big cat had invaded his cowshed. The responding officers ended up in a 45-minute standoff with the large cat, which turned out to be a huge stuffed toy.

Police thought they had the tiger by the ropes when they were deployed to a farm in Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, sending in a number of units, which even included an armed response team. The team eventually figured out the “beast” was just a mere stuffed toy.

Police Even Came With An Armed Team

The farmer had apparently gone out to check his cows while he was having a housewarming party and saw the “tiger” on a ramp. Police describe the incident as a “false call made with genuinely good intent,” though they did allow that officers had a “roaring shift on Saturday night.” The farmer insists that he was sober when he discovered the stuffed toy.

Police Standoff With Stuffed Toy

Luckily, no stuffed cows were harmed in the incident.

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