Street Cleaner Narrowly Escapes Death After Huge Block Of Ice Falls Off Passing Plane

Some people just have the dumbest of luck. Whether’s it’s down to tripping on the sidewalk, spilling your drink, or having a block of ice nearly smashing down your head and killing you — these kinds of people don’t get a break.

The following footage, taken by a cab’s dash cam, shows the moment a street cleaner came just feet away from having the strangest death ever when a huge block of ice falls from a plane passing overhead. The man was just on his normal work route when he found himself directly under the plane’s flight path. Out of nowhere, a 45 lbs sheet of ice comes crashing down near him.

Ice Block Falls From Sky

He can be seen normally picking up litter from the street before the ice comet falls to the ground near him. The street cleaner stands up, shock and confused as to watch just fell from the sky.

Narrowly Misses Street Cleaner

Close call.

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