Terrified man films abusive girlfriend’s vicious knife attack

This is the shocking moment a man begged for mercy as his abusive girlfriend stabbed him several times. The unnamed woman lashed out with a knife in a crazed way in a scene that could be out of a Pscyho movie.


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The footage opens with the man showing himself on a phone with blood smeared under his left eye in the incident which appears to be in the U.S. He looks shocked and in horror before his girlfriend is heard saying: “I’ll stab you.”

The footage then shows her brandishing a knife in the air and saying: “Do you want to f*** with me,” as she lunges it towards the man.


The boyfriend shows his bloodied face before he is heard screaming for mercy


He replies: “Get away from me, okay, fine, fiine.”

The boyfriend is then seen lying down with his legs held up towards the woman to defend himself. The woman stabs the knife towards the man again. He then pans the camera back to himself and screams.


The woman brandises a knife in a scene that could be out of a Psycho movie


The frightening footage was posted on YouTube and stirred up both shock and sympathy for the victim boyfriend.

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