Truck Sideswipes Car on Sharp Turn And The Damage It Left Will Scar You For Life

This trucker had to make a sharp turn in a busy city street, and unfortunately for one car, it was parked in the wrong spot.

The video shows the truck try to make a sharp turn, the road it was making a turn on had cars parked at both sides, making it extra-difficult for the driver to make it without any damage done to the nearby vehicles. And that’s exactly what happened — the truck makes the turn and clips one of the parked cars.

Truck Takes Sharp Turn

The man recording the incident takes a look at the damage done, and it’s total night ware. The entire left side of the car is totally wrecked. I hate to be the driver who discovers his precious car just got scared for life. But it appears the driver is at fault here seeing as he didn’t park far enough from the safe lane.

Car Totally Wrecked

That is one hell of a scratch.

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