“Inhuman Screams Of Pain” Survivor Of Grand Canyon Helicopter Crash Filmed Escaping Burning Wreckage

A stunned survivor of the recent Grand Canyon helicopter crash, which killed three British tourists, was filmed scrambling to safety as the wreckage burns behind her.

The dramatic footage was taken by Minister Lionel Douglass, who had just finished marrying a British couple when the chopper clipped a nearby cliff and plunges 600 feet to the ground. The phone video taken by Mr Douglass shows a dark-haired passenger believed to be one of the survivors escaping the wreck.

Helicopter Crash In Grand Canyon

The pastor recounts noticing he chopper making “weird manoeuvres” as if it was looking for somewhere to land. Stunned Lionel, from Las Vegas, grabbed the camera on his mobile phone and zoomed in to try and identify if there were survivors. He recalls hearing screams of pain as the wreckage of the crash burns before his eyes.

Minister Films Survivor Running Out Of Wreck

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of the terrible crash.

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