Satisfying Dose Of Karma As Wolf Chases Down Hunters After Being Shot And Kicked

It’s heartbreaking to see beautiful, majestic creatures such as wolves being gunned down for sport. That’s why we don’t have any ounce of sympathy for these guys who decided it would be fun to hunt down wolves.

In a remote area in Kazakhstan, hunters can be seen standing over a body of wolf they just shot. One of them cruely kicks the animal’s side to check whether it was dead, laughing and then screaming as the wolf sprints back to life and ran straight for him.

Hunters Kick Shot Wolf

The wolf lunges towards the man who kicked it as the rest of the hunters scramble to safety. Sadly, it’s not very likely that the wolf survived this encounter. Hopefully, it got a few good bites in before the others were able to subdue it.

Wolf Lunges At Hunter

I hope that guy gets rabies from the wolf bite…

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