All Bad: Guy Running Away From A Fight Gets Nailed By A Car!

It was a typical ‘fight or flight’ response…he chose the flight i guess.





The video, taken across the street, shows some group of young people arguing. It’s not clear who was fighting who, but this one guy in black shirt totally didn’t want any of it.

He can be seen running away while voices in the background cheer for him. Four to five men chase after him, where one was even a feet away from him.






Thinking he was running for life, the young man didn’t look twice before crossing the street this time truly putting his life at risk. A speeding gray car hit him and sent him flying. It all happened fast there was no time to blink.

Voices shriek in the background as the young man lay still on the road.






So, who’s at fault? Both. It’s the attackers fault for chasing him and it’s the victims fault for being so stupid and running in front of traffic but I’d put most of the blame on the attacker because you don’t chase someone who clearly doesn’t want to fight you.

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