This Guy Barely Had Time To Focus Before Getting Knocked The Hell Out

Man, that’s a hell of a way to lose a fight. This amateur MMA fight has set an Arkansas record with an intense four-second knockout.





When it comes to MMA, things are obviously intense. You train for months, conditioning your body to take as much punishment as possible, while making sure you’re strong enough and have the cardiovascular stability to go hell for leather for three or so rounds.

However, as we know, things can be over pretty quickly. You can only imagine that once the high of a win has worn off, it’s a bit annoying that you’ve trained that long for only a short fight.






Jonesboro policeman Jordan Fowler was up against Dylan Goforth as part of Pyramid Fights 2 at White County Fairgrounds. A 195-pound amateur catchweight bout, Fowler and Goforth had barely finished shaking hands when the latter was on the mat.

While you wouldn’t know it from the result, it was Goforth’s first loss as an amateur.






Pyramid called the four-second KO an Arkansas record. The sound was thumping and the crowd exploded as the referee raced to ensure Goforth’s safety.

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