Guy tricks GF into wearing vibrating panti3s he controls when she meets his mom

That went about as well as anyone would’ve expected. This might have to go down as one of the most deranged ‘pranks’ I’ve ever seen. Essentially, what we’re led to believe is happening here is a dude presented his girlfriend with vibrating panti3s earlier in the day.





Flash forward a few hours and his mom’s shown up, the girl’s forgotten about the panti3s, and he chooses to activate them and almost bring his girlfriend to an 0rgasmic climax in front of his mother.






Clearly, Hamilton’s mother, if that’s even who she actually is, knew what was happening before the 0rgasmic encounter because she was unfazed by his son’s girlfriend’s O-Face.






Do I recommend trying this with your own mother in the car? No. But is this a great idea for the first time you meet your new girlfriend’s family? Absolutely. There’s no better way to get through a dinner meeting your GF’s dad than to activate her vibrating panti3s when dad tries to ask you questions about the recent election.

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