Woah: Dog Jumps 25 Feet In The Air!

Damn, can’t stop watching this. Dogs are hella athletic, while here I am barely able to jump one foot.



An incredible video shows a dog catching some serious air as it leaps from its trainer’s back onto a pole to grab something on top.




The dog run to first jump on the back of his trainer then jumped again to reach the top of the pole. Just when I thought he couldn’t get any higher, he successfully grabbed the item perched on the pole’s end.

I wonder how the dog knows to land on the mat. Like I get it that it knows it’s soft but it just seems to me like it wouldn’t know to actually jump onto it. Training I guess!




And I see his girlfriend was watching too, good thing she didn’t miss it! The golden retriever looks like she is a spotter or coach or something.

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