Savage: British Guy Gets Revenge On A Chick For Curving His Brother, They Run Up A $1,200 Dinner Bill And Dashed On Her!

I don’t think this is fair at all. A woman is free to choose who she wants to date. Revenge for getting dumped is for losers.


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The video starts with a man talking to camera about his plans. According to him, they’re going to pick up this ‘b!tch’ take her to a restaurant, make her order anything she wants thinking he will pay for it, but bail on her so she’ll have to pay for everything.




The video cuts to a scene where he was now driving with the woman beside him, and another dude on the back. The woman seems comfortable with him actually.

The third-wheelin’ man records, showing the prices on the menu. Both the man and woman ordered, you can hear them ordering a big lobster. Once the food and drinks were settled, they ate happily.




They didn’t show how it all happened, but the next thing the camera shows is the man running towards the car without the woman. They answered the woman’s phonecall and told her what just happened.

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