Lol: Man Plays Dead While Confronted By His Girlfriend and Side Chick!

When you get caught cheating you deny it or play dead! I bet this man’s not so good in making impromptu excuses he played dead first, giving him a lot of time to think of what to say.



As the video begins, a shirtless man can be seen lying face down on the floor while a woman, assumed to be his girlfriend, tries talking with him. Some male voices can be heard in the background while several hands can be seen holding phones and recording.




At one point, the girlfriend loses patience and hits the man’s face trying to get a reaction from him. The girlfriend was actually video calling his side chick. You can even hear her voice from the phone waking up the dude.




For the whole 2 minutes, the man played dead. Or was he really unconscious? Unfortunately, video didn’t show what happened earlier.

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