He Tried: 14-Year-Old Busted For Impersonating Cop In SUV Outfitted With Flashing Lights!

Since they’re not drinking, doing drugs, or having s3x anymore, today’s teens are finding all kinds of creative ways to kill time, from dressing up like bushes to hijacking bulldozers.



One such ostensibly bored child in California decided he’d have a little fun by pretending to be a cop—tossing police lights on an SUV, somehow wrangling an official-looking sheriff’s uniform, and getting himself into enough trouble to wind up grounded for all eternity.




According to KTLA, the 14-year-old somehow made enough money mowing lawns and walking dogs or whatever to afford all the trappings of a police officer: full uniform, replica firearms, badges, holsters, a bulletproof vest—you name it.

He decked himself out like a sheriff’s deputy, stuck some red-and-blue emergency lights on his great-grandma’s car, and took to the streets of San Bernadino County looking for some imaginary crime to solve.




On Monday, he pulled up to a house with his lights flashing, a walkie-talkie on his chest, and a fake pistol on his hip, and told the folks inside he’d come to investigate a domestic disturbance. Meanwhile, despite the fact that he’s not even old enough to drive, the kid decided to make a traffic stop. He pulled over a woman, asked for her ID, and pretended to run her plates. After one last stop at some random house—again, for a phony domestic disturbance call—he packed it in for the night.

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