Passenger Is Caught Watching P0rn And Masturbating Under A Blanket During Flight

Shocking video footage seems to show a man pleasuring himself under a blanket while sitting in his seat on a flight. The footage was caught by a stunned fellow passenger and appears to show the man masturbat!ng under a blanket as his eyes are fixed on his phone.





The bemused passenger can be heard laughing throughout the 39-second video as he catches the unmistakable hand movements from the row behind. He then directs the camera closer towards the man, who then seems to stop and looking uncomfortable, shifts in his seat while scrolling through his phone.






The man appeared to be smartly dressed wearing a business suit as he sat in the empty row on the plane reportedly travelling from Brazil in February. The shocking incident comes after another passenger was arrested after reportedly stripping nak3d to watch p0rn before attacking a stewardess on a flight from Malaysia. The 20-year-old Bangladeshi took his clothes off and started watching p0rnography on his laptop, local media reported.






The student initially put his clothes back on at the request of cabin crew but then became aggressive towards staff and attacked a stewardess. Cabin crew and passengers managed to him to his seat with a piece of cloth for the rest of the flight. The man reportedly also masturbat3d and urinated on his seat.

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