Dad Tries To Defend Son From Bullies And Winds Up Getting Demolished

In the real world this is called “assault” and I hope all these kids got what they had coming to them.



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A father is nursing some injuries after he was beaten up by a gang that was beating up his son.

Video of the incident appeared online this week, showing the dad stepping in to defend his son, who was hit by a member of the all-male gang. Taken on a cellphone, the footage shows an argument between the adult man and the teenagers, which quickly turns physical.






The man faces off with some of the boys. He is heard defending himself in the clip, saying: ‘What would you do if it was your kid?’ One of the members of the group then accuses him of ‘f***ing punching a girl’.

Seconds later the father is pushed and then he is hit. The man falls to the ground, where is kicked repeatedly. He does not appear to fight back against any of the people that are hitting him.






Eventually he is able to get up, and then he walks over to his car and drives away.

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