Just where is this club? Girl Out Here Giving Dry Neck In the Middle of The Dancefloor

Is this the definition of fun now? If it is, then I might be getting real old because what this youngsters are doing bothers me a lot.



It must have been a dare because the cameras were all ready and people were clearly giving space for the act. I’m pretty sure both the man and woman knows they’re being filmed.




In the video, a woman in white tank top sits on the dancefloor with her hand on her back. She motions suggestively on a man’s crotch area. Subtle at first, then she starts going faster. She seems to be tuning in with the club music’s rhythm.




The man’s face couldn’t be clearly viewed on the video but he can be seen with his hands on the air while the woman does her business. Good thing everyone involved still has their clothes on.

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