Here is a str!pper twerking on stage because why not

If you’ve never been to a strip club, then here’s a video sample of what they do in there.



The video shows a woman with an oversized bum twerking on stage. Holding the pole, she shakes her behind and you can see it bounce all over the place. It’s a str!pper club so it’s no surprise that women wear close-to-nothing clothes.




Another stripper can be seen strolling the club with only few clothing to cover her. She seems to notice the recording and headed towards the camera.

The persom behind the camera tries to shoo her away but failed. At the end of the video, the woman steals the show as she makes face on the camera.




The club doesn’t seem full as only few people are visible during the recording. Or maybe it wasn’t open yet for customers since the str!ppers were still messing around.

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