Thief Breaks Into A Martial Arts School And Meets Sweet Justice

There’s and old saying that crime doesn’t pay and it’s right. A lot of the time you’ll get caught and end up in the nick, or – if you’re really bad at it – you might just end up getting your head kicked in as well.



One criminal managed to learn the error of his ways pretty damn quickly the other day after he tried to break into a martial arts school. Take a look for yourself.

I mean, this guy doesn’t seem like a master criminal to start with. First up, he was recorded on CCTV cameras the whole way through. This is not great news for any budding burglar, but great news for us as they managed to capture the moment he ran into the martial arts academy’s instructor.




Yes, after forcing his way into the school by breaking the lock on the outside gate, he proceeded to root around trying to find things to pinch.

It was during this search that he encountered Pastor Valencia, a black belt teacher who arrived on the scene in spectacular fashion wearing his sparring gear.




Before the intruder knew what was happening to him he’d been knocked to the floor with a brutal kick.

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