Undercover Cops Run Red Light, Try To Give Driver Who Recorded It A Ticket

If you’re going to run a red in your unmarked cop car and then try to ticket the driver who was legally completing a left turn… make sure that driver doesn’t have a dash cam.



An undercover police car ran a red light at an intersection in Brooklyn, almost cutting off a driver who made a legal left turn in front of him. The officer pulled him over and took pleasure in repeatedly asking the driver why he was “shaking so hard.”




The officer’s amusement was cut short when the driver informed the officer that he had a dashcam recording that would prove the officer a liar in court. The cop made one last attempt to nail the driver for not having his current address on his license, but the driver pointed out that he didn’t need to get a new license to reflect that.




They try to bully and intimidate a confession out of him, but he’s got the all the dashcam proof he needs.

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