Bodybuilder Gets Choked Out By A Female Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt!

The entertainment that the Internet brings is seemingly endless.



Here, we take a look at some viral videos from YouTube account Rambo Cuztha Gunz. Gunz creates videos for the sake of your entertainment and is willing to take a beating for it. Gunz has a humorous bio for his social media accounts. His YouTube bio reads, “No hate here. All in good fun. If you think I don’t know what it takes, then let me flex my right gun!” His Facebook bio reads, “From overweight, to man you wanna date…Rambo Cuztha Gunz is the classic example of an amazing man turned bodybuilder.”




In this video, Gunz steps foot into a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school to challenge the black belt teacher, Piet Wilhelm.

It doesn’t end well for the “bodybuilder,” as the YouTuber takes a beating in the process of it all. Even though Gunz creates his videos purely for entertainment value, surely most people wouldn’t want to take those slaps from the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt.




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