This Beautiful Booty Shaking Looks NSFW, But It’s Not

The glorious day has arrived where Yoga pants are indistinguishable from bare skin.



The video shows a sexy woman in a tank top and a yoga pants booty shaking in a classroom. We’re not totally sure if it’s a classroom but it seems like it. She’s erasing a word written in the whiteboard, edurachallenge. Anyone who has idea what that means?




Anyway, that is one sexy way of erasing. I’m pretty sure every man would love to hire her if there’s a job for it. While she’s at it, she shakes her b00ty gracefully.

It would seem NSFW at first, but after few seconds you’ll come to realize she’s actually wearing leggings. It just matches her skin tone. It’s also tight fitting it almost seems like there’s nothing covering her legs.




At this point, why even wear pants?

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