Just Wild: Courtroom Footage Of Gang Member Attempting To Stab Witness With Pen Released By Federal Judge

Authorities on Monday released video of a US Marshal shooting an accused gang member who attacked a witness with a pen inside the Salt Lake City Federal Courthouse.



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The video shows Siale Angilau leaving the defense table, picking up a pen and rushing at a witness who was testifying.

“Deputy Jane Doe” fired four shots at Angilau, killing the man, according to court documents.






United States District Judge John E. Dowdell granted the summary judgment Friday and dismissed the plaintiff’s excessive force lawsuit. Dowdell also ordered the release of the courtroom video, which had been the subject of a lengthy court battle involving media outlets.

Angilau’s family argued the use of deadly force was not permissible in this case and claimed that the deputy fired several shots into Angilau’s back after he was already incapacitated.






The judge disputed these claims saying the deputy and witness were boxed into a corner with no room to escape the attack and the deputy had reasonable belief that Angilau was going to harm or kill the witness or other innocent bystanders.

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