Impatient Driver Tries To Pass Car At The Wrong Time

If I was that driver and my car was totalled due to some sh!t head’s impatience, I swear he’s gonna get harmed more from me than from the accident.





Also, I like how the driver with the dashcam slowed down because he saw that they where driving like impatient pricks and an accident was waiting to happen.






(Warning: You might want to mute the video due to the driver’s annoying choice of music) The video from a car’s dashcam shows some peaceful roadway while driving. Several cars overtake and it was all good.

40 seconds into the video though, the black car in front got into an accident. The impatient driver decided to overtake again. I’m not sure what’s got into him, but how can someone be that stupid?






The cars didn’t crash head on. It was a slight hit but it was enough to send the other car spinning and with so much damage. The impatient driver pulled up, his car damage wasn’t revealed in the video. The driver behind the dashcam recording also pulled up.

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