These Girls Aint Loyal: Dude Calls Girlfriend & She Answers The Phone Moan!ng Like She’s Getting Banged By Another

While it’s defintely not good to cheat on your partner, sharing with friends your supposed to be private conversation is also bothersome.



In the video, a man behind a steering wheel can be seen talking to the phone. He asks ‘what you doing? Hello?’. Whoever he called did not answer him and decided to turn off the call. Laughter can be heard in the background as the guy’s friends tease him.




He tries calling again. After several ringing, his girlfriend finally picked up the call. She did sounded weird. ‘Hello’ and ‘hey’ was all she managed to say as the boyfriend keeps asking her what she’s doing.

Boyfriend tells her she sounds like she’s moan!ng and asks if there’s someone in the house because according to him, he hears her doing sh!t. A friend tells him to pull up but he insists he’s going home.




Pulling up is one good advice because driving while mad can be dangerous, especially when he’s still on his phone.

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