Hilariously Dumb Thief Doesn’t Understand How Security Cameras Work

You’d think someone who goes around breaking into homes would know that security cameras are designed to capture a wide angle of view and can see you crawling on the floor.



A WANNABE cat burglar is on the run after attempting to steal two safes from a house in Melbourne’s leafy bayside.

CCTV footage from the North Rd house captures the man sliding across the floor on his stomach in an attempt to evade detection.




Wearing all black, the man scrawls across the living room floor and attempts to open a bathroom door while still lying on his stomach.

He can then be seen pushing a large safe, understood to be from the home’s office, along the floor.




Investigators say the thief was disturbed by a neighbour and was seen fleeing across the property’s back fence empty-handed a short time later.

Despite his sleuthing efforts the man looks directly in the security camera on several occasions and investigators have released the images.

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