Ever Wondered Why Jaywalking Is Illegal?

Well, wonder no more as this guy explains to us just how jaywalking became a crime.

Jaywalking has been illegal for as long as we can remember. But have you ever wondered where this law came from? Adam Conover has already exposed some truths about the TSA–this time, he walks us through the history of the silly law known as–Jaywalking.

How Jaywalking Became A Crime

Back then, the roads were free for everyone–until the mass production of vehicles. Most people drove really fast on crowded roads leading to a hefty amount of car related deaths. Which prompted the masses to push the banning of auto mobiles, but the car companies at that time had some other plans. Adam explains to us the devious methods these companies employ just to stay in business as well as the origin of the term ‘Jaywalking.’

Why Is It A Crime?

It’s amazing how major companies can influence the government itself. What a bunch of Jays.

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