The Avengers’ Black Widow Gets Own Rom-Com Feature Film in “Age of Me”

With almost all the heroes in the Avengers having their own feature film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ll wonder why the lone female team member doesn’t have her own feature film. Well, wonder no more as Marvel finally releases Black Widow’s own movie in the form of a romantic-comedy film, because Marvel knows women.

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Scarlett Johansson reprises her role as the super spy-assassin in a spoof trailer from the people at Saturday Night Live for Marvel’s first girl superhero movie. She takes on life in the big city in a new apartment, while dealing with an internship jot at Fashion Weekly, friends, and love in the form of robot hunk Ultron.

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As with most rom-com movie twists, the relationship doesn’t work out, and the story steers her towards the underdog nice guy you’ve always been rooting for in the beginning.

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Good job, Marvel.

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