Young Boy with ‘Telepathic’ Ability Catches the Attention of Expert

We’ve all heard about child prodigies who have extraordinarily advanced abilities at an early age. And then there are the savants, who may suffer from a form of autism, but far exceed any human cognitive abilities, like this young boy who may even have the superhuman talent of telepathy.

Five-year-old Ramsey Sanguino is considered to be a savant with prodigious and profound abilities. Ramsey can speak several languages, solve complex mathematical equations and, as seen in the clip, appears to read his mother’s mind.

Solving Equation

Ramsey’s extraordinary abilities has caught the attention of Dr. Diane Powell, a neuroscientist and former Harvard Medical School faculty member, and is currently studying the young boy as part of a research project in telepathy.


According to Dr. Powell, kids with autism may have found telepathy as another means for communicating with their parents. And with the results from the experiment conducted with Ramsey, who got three out of five numbers, remains inconclusive, but Dr. Powell was pretty encouraged by the results.

Dr Powell

Maybe Ramsey’s mutant power hasn’t kicked in yet.

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