Badass Deadlifter Sets World Record And Then Almost Dies

It literally almost killed him.

Brit strongman ‘The Beast’ become first human to deadlift half a TON but then pass out when blood vessels in his head EXPLODE from the pressure.
eddie hall successfully lifts 500kg
Eddie Hall had lifted 465kg, which was matched by two other competitors, prompting him to literally raise the bar again.Taking several deep breaths before taking on the challenge, the metal bar begins to bend as the weight is lifted And as the crow whoop with delight, he successfully lifts 500kg.
Hall sinks to his knees and almost dies
But as he puts the weight back down, Hall sinks to his knees, as competition staff race to his aid. He was pictured slumped over the weights as people checked on his health. He burst blood vessels in his head following the success, and suffered nosebleeds, but was thankfully soon back on his feet. As Hall was being tended too, one of the competition hosts attempts to get the crowd to show their support.

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