Bank robber armed with gun bodyslammed by 63-year-old man who ripped off his mask and took back cash

A bank customer bodyslammed an armed bank robber in an heroic bid to stop him escaping with cash. The 63-year-old man was spotted on CCTV entering a bank, moments before a masked man with a gun rushed in and demanded cash.


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Brave Robert Sakosky grabbed the man from behind and threw him to the floor.

After a struggle the gunman gets back to his feet, but Mr Sakosky smashes him into the floor again.




He also managed to kick the man’s gun away, throw the bag of cash out of his reach and pull off his mask, revealing his face to the CCTV camera.

The man did escape empty handed and drove off with police in hot pursuit.




Mr Sakosky, is the manager of the nearby Carbondale Grand Hotel and many have been singing his prasies.

Police later arrested and charged John Ryall after the incident at the Honesdale National Bank.

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