Barack Obama Eats Food Waste from a Bear in the Alaskan Wilderness with Bear Grylls

Just recently, U.S. President Barack Obama agreed to go with survival expert Bear Grylls on a trip to Alaska where he visited various locations to survey the effects of climate change. And if you’re out on the wilderness with Bear Grylls, you know it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

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At one point, Grylls explained the food situation to President Obama, saying Alaska is a land of bear and salmon. Since he wasn’t able to get to a bear, Grylls picked up a piece of partially eaten salmon a bear threw away after taking a few bites.

Salmon Waste

He explained that bears usually go for the delicious fatty parts, and chucks them away to find more, since the area is teeming with salmon.

After the President claimed it wasn’t an issue at all, they cooked the salmon and feasted on the bear’s food waste.

Eating Food Waste

It seems like the President handled it pretty well.

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