Barmaid Launches Vicious Kung Fu Attack On Brit Couple Who Refused To Pay £27 Drinks Bill In Thai Resort

A barmaid armed with a shoe launches a ferocious kung fu-style attack on a British couple after they refused to pay a £27 drinks bill.

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Rungnapa Pleumjai took off her footwear to whack David Lodge, 63, around the face – leaving him with a black eye – before chasing him down the street hitting and kicking, including in the crotch.
Barmaid Rungnapa Pleumjai launches a ferocious kung fu-style attack with a shoe on British tourist David Lodge
The row broke out after David refused to settle his 1,200 Thai Baht (£27) bill, paying just 600 Baht (£14). Pleumjai, 43, who has bleached blonde hair, flies into a rage at the Patsy Beer Bar and carries out a savage karate-style attack that has seen her charged with assault for “damaging the image of tourism in Pattaya”, according to police.
The bar worker rains down punches and kicks as she chases David down the street
Footage taken by onlooker Thira Phengrat shows the woman arguing with the couple outside the pub before attacking David and chasing them, firing kicks and punches.

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