Battered Woman Crippled After Drunken Thug Beats Hear Up In Shocking CCTV Footage

Harrowing CCTV footage shows a drunken man mercilessly beating up a woman, leaving her crippled and homeless after the brutal attack.

The man can be seen beating the woman brutally as she lies on the floor trying too get away. In truly shocking footage, the 47-year-old woman is thrown around ‘like a rag doll’ before cracking her head against a radiator, where she lies motionless until he attacks again.

Man Brutally Beats On WOman
She is then dragged to another room where she is viciously beaten as she cowers on the floor, before Power walks back upstairs.
She Is Pushed Down The Stairs
The victim then staggers back upstairs – but as she reaches the top she is shoved back down for a second time. She was with a fractured pelvis and eye socket after the attack

She Is Pushed Down

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