Beer Pong Golf Is The Latest Craze In Viral Tailgating Golf Games

Looking back, big things happened in Summer 2017.



The Male Romper became a thing despite no one really wanting it to be a thing. Bros Icing Bros made its triumphant comeback to internet culture. And, finally, golf + cornhole party/tailgate/beach games became all the damn rage – There’s Chippo, the world’s best chipping game. There’s Putterpong, a game that incorporates your short game with beer pong.




The latest player in the market is Beer Pong Golf, a backyard/tailgate/beach game that combines beer pong with cornhole.

It’s pretty damn close to the concept behind Chippo, just with more holes in the board. There’s a mat, there’s bright yellow foam golf balls, there are two boards engineered like cornhole boards.




That said, Beer Pong Golf is exploding on Kickstarter as another must-have golf tailgate game. It’s raised over $64,000 in just a few days.

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