Befuddled Mountain Lion Tries To Attack A Hunter’s Deer Decoy

One mountain lion bit off more than it could chew when it tried to attack a hunter’s decoy deer. The mountain lion was left confused after it tried to attack the decoy. The mountain lion sniffed it repeatedly and stared at it in bewilderment.



The video captured the moment the predator stalks up behind a fake buck and pounces. The animal lands a few feet behind the decoy, and then sniffs the back, trying to figure out whats going on.


Befuddled Mountain Lion Tries To Attack A Hunter's Deer Decoy


Deer decoys are meant to attract bucks to make it easier for hunters, but sometimes capture the attention of other predators.


The mountain lion sniffed the decoy repeatedly and stared at it in bewilderment


Decoy bucks attract other bucks by causing the animals to aggressively charge, making it easier for hunters to shoot them. The video was filmed in Idaho.

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