Behold, the Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Potato Volcano!

Potatoes are arguably the most delectable source of carbs nature has ever produced, and bacon is–there are just no words to describe the awsomeness that is bacon. Using some kind of culinary sorcery, these two magical ingredients are combined to make the epic BBQ potato volcano! *Cue in thunder and lightning*

The main ingredients that you’ll need are two large grilled and hallowed out russet potatoes, 8 tons–I mean pounds–of bacon, smoked turkey and cheese!

Prep Volcano


Look at those beauties wonderfully wrapped in delicious bacon! You’ll have to smoke and grill these babies to achieve a culinary masterpiece.

Grilled Potatoes


The cheese is just oozing out of those wonderful babies. Top those off with cream cheese and green onions and you’ll have two extremely powerful palate pleasers.

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