Being On A Cruise Ship Caught In The Bomb Cyclone Looks… Not Fun

Nothing like a completely avoidable disaster to totally ruin your expensive cruise. You would think cruise ships would be able to keep heavy rains out. You would be wrong.



The massive cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway departed New York on Dec. 29, 2017, as it does nearly every week. But this time was different, thanks to the massive bomb cyclone winter storm that rocked the East Coast.

Traveling through the storm was completely avoidable, but Norwegian Cruise Line powered on to its original itinerary, heading directly through it.


Being On A Cruise Ship Caught In The Bomb Cyclone Looks... Not Fun


YouTuber RedCurtainEnt was on that journey and managed to compile some of the more exciting moments from the cruise — like flooded hallways, snowy decks, a ton of leaking ceilings, passengers struggling to walk upright, and a whole lotta wind and rough seas.




Thankfully, the ship returned to New York on the afternoon of Jan. 5 without major incident, aside from some seriously upset passengers.

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