Big Dumb Idiot Puts His Car In Neutral, Rolls Down A Hill And Crashes The Heck Out Of It

He plays off this very dumb thing relatively smoothly, but there’s absolutely no way he did this on purpose, right?


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We’re really not sure what the plan was here. Was he going to jump back in the car and get on the brakes? Did he misjudge the kind of momentum he’d pick up when rolling the car down the hill? Surely he didn’t think he could make the corner while hanging out the side of this Honda CRX…




Whatever his intentions, this guy’s breathtakingly stupid decision to ‘skateboard’ his car down a hill (while filming it, vertically) has a predictable outcome – the poor CRX ends up in a ditch. Amazingly, it seems as though the man escaped serious injury.




The video posted on Youtube by user Walnut Pancakes has been viewed more than 400,000 times.

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