Big Guy Dubbed as a Streetball Legend Showcases His Mad Skills in Remarkable Highlights Compilation

Most pro ball players, if not all, are lean and athletic athletes who are easily capable of reaching high levels of athleticism on the court. But most pro ball players are not like this guy.

Troy ‘Escalade’ Jackson was a 6’10”, 375-pound behemoth who can play ball that could put some pro basketball players to shame.


Don’t let his size fool you. The man has got some handles, could dish it out the ball and definitely score as seen in this incredible highlight reel of impressive his career. He gained fame after becoming a member of the AND1 Mixtape traveling streetball tour, and had the chance to showcase his incredible skills.

Dunking Jackson

Unfortunately, Jackson passed away due to hypertensive heart disease in his sleep, ending his stellar career at the age of 38.

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