Bizarre Moment Irate Elephant And Pesky Goose Wage World’s Most Unlikely War At A Zoo

A video has emerged of a goose battling an elephant in an amusing example of a David versus Goliath contest which proves that with tenacity and a determined focus even the most daunting odds can be beaten.



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The battle of mind over very large matter erupted at the Hogle Zoo in Utah when Zuri, a young African elephant is challenged by a Canada goose whose aggression is so intense that it seems utterly oblivious to their obvious difference in size. Despite a clear advantage on size, the adorable elephant cannot overpower the single-minded goose.

Bizarre Moment Irate Elephant And Pesky Goose


Zuri sprays water at the goose with its trunk but the goose will not budge, no matter how powerful the offensive. The plucky bird then flies onto the elephants back and seems to peck aggressively at his neck. It then flies just in front of Zuri, stands firm in the water with wings flapping and beak threatening attack. The diminutive bird does not even back down when the elephant swings its trunk dangerously close.

Bizarre Moment Irate Elephant And Pesky Goose Wage World's Most Unlikely War At A Zoo


Zuri then shoves the bird with its powerful trunk, and despite being momentarily knocked off balance, the bird quickly resumes its offensive on its much larger foe. The bird chases the elephant which then charges back, knocking the bird back again. Zuri then kicks the feathered crusader repeatedly, landing blows which could have been fatal for the bird. But the tenacious Canada goose just flies at the elephant’s head in retaliation.



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