Boss travels 500 miles to ‘BEAT UP a customer who left bad review for late delivery’

This is the shocking moment a woman was slapped and kicked to the ground after leaving a bad review for a late delivery. Security footage shows the customer, named as Xiao Li, sprawling on the floor after she is accosted by a man.


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It is claimed that the attacker is the owner of an online retail company, Mr Zhang, who became incensed after the bad review and had travelled 500 miles to confront her. Miss Li had complained that a delivery she had ordered was four days late.

CCTV from Zhengzhou in eastern China shows the woman being viciously punched and kicked leaving her in a heap on the ground.


the customer was attacked after leaving a bad review


In the video, the man kicks and slaps the woman repeatedly after she looks at her phone causing her to stumble and fall.

He viciously kicks and slaps her repeatedly. The woman was taken to hospital, where she was treated for injuries including concussion.


Security footage captured the attack


The victim is claimed to have been messaged by the Mr Zhang who said he had travelled all night from Suzhou more than 500 miles away so he could “teach her a lesson”.

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