Boyfriend Skateboards While Holding His Girlfriend Above His Head

An acrobatic couple took the iconic Dirty Dancing move to whole new levels when they pulled off the stunt while riding along the street on a skateboard. The Miami-based pair exhibited their acroyoga talents in the clip which shows a woman in brightly-colored yoga pants getting into a handstand before being flipped into the air.





While holding her in the dirty dancing pose, her shirtless partner steps on to a skateboard and glides down the street. At the start of the video, her male partner narrowly avoids being hit in the face by her feet as she gets into her handstand by quickly moving backwards.

Boyfriend skateboards while holding his girlfriend


While in the air, the woman mimics the motion of swimming as the barefoot duo move smoothly along the road. Pulling off one last midair pose, the girl delicately tips to the side and falls into his arms while jumping to the ground.

Boyfriend skateboards while holding his girlfriend above his head


After completing the mind-boggling stunt the pair hug each other. The clip was filmed in the arts district of Miami, Florida, last year.



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